About SCDD
Manufacturing Business
1st Dried Seaweed
We, SCDD CO.,LTD, select best seaweed material produced from uncontaminated areas of the Western
South Sea in Korea so that we manufacture Dried Seaweed.
2nd Dried Seaweed
We, SCDD CO.,LTD, manufacture 2nd Dried Seaweed that our customers are able to storage for a long time
by selecting best 1st Dried Seaweed.
Roasted Seaweed / Organic Seaweed / Sliced Seaweed
We, SCDD CO.,LTD, serve best taste Roasted Seaweed for our customers by using seaweed material from
uncontaminated areas of the sea in Korea. We always do our best to manufacture our products with safty
for our customers to eat by a selective foreign material machine and a metal detector.
Seaweed Snack
Our company manufactures Seaweed Snack by using 100% Korean Seaweed material.
We always keeps researching and investing for developing new products and satisfying taste our customers.
Exproting Business
SCDD will become a company that can spread
and let people know about greatness of Korean seaweed and Korea.
Now the supply of Korean seaweed is increasing.
Our company attends in food expo and exhibitions every year, and trys to spread about good awareness
and greatmess of Korean seaweed, Seaweed product, and Korea.
SCDD Co. to Export US$4 Mil. Worth of Roasted Seaweed to Russian Client
SCDD Co., Ltd. “JeongDam Seaweed” Wins the Best Brand Award by 2020 Korea National Food Cluster Food Market
HALAL Certificate ISO 22000 USDA ORGANIC FSSC 22000 Registration Certificate China Registration Certificate Vietnam HACCP FTA Approved Exporter(ASEAN/EU/VIETNAM)

Company Introduction

SCDD Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 with the aim of overseas trade of seaweeds, the top export award of $10 million in 2016 for export of marine products. The company's seaweed processing facilities have obtained certification of HACCP, ISO22000, FSSC22000, HALAL, USDA ORGANIC, China/Vietnam export and fishery processing facilities, and export items (HS-CODE 1212.21, 2008.99) can be obtained from EU(inclued Russia), ASEAN, and Vietnam (separately) by obtaining certificates of origin index holders and receiving 0% tariffs from the country to exportation. Among the company's products are '1st/2nd Dried seaweed, Roasted seaweed(sushi nori), Seaweed snack' which are mainly exported to Thailand, Russia and Vietnam. If you visit the homepage, you can see better information.
Hello. I am Kang Byung-soo, the CEO of SCDD Co., Ltd. | First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for your interest and support.
We, SCDD, were established in 2011 to inform the world of laver that is indispensable to Koreans' table. And, we promoted a seaweed snack business so that delicious and nutritious laver can be enjoyed anywhere, away from the table | 2012 Established a manufacturing/production plant in Thailand (Bangkok).
With the perseverance of Koreans, pride in our laver, and ceaseless efforts, we have achieved export results of $10 million (2016) within 6 years of our establishment. | Above all, with the belief that my children and my family eat it, we have acquired and managed HACCP and GMP for safe food, and we are actively trading with China and other Greater China countries and ASEAN countries by obtaining a food hygiene license for export to China.
| All of our employees at Hantae (Korea/泰國) always carry the motto of 'Trust / Principle / Creation' in our hearts and do everything we do. | In order to keep pace with the new era and to introduce our seaweed to the world, we plan to develop seaweed snacks in various forms to pioneer a new food market. We will always repay you with quality and satisfy you with taste.
| Thank you very much.
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  • Response Level
      less than 30%
  • Supplier Level
      More than 10 billion (KRW)
  • Transaction Level
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2020 Award by National 
        Productivity Award Trading Award by MOTIE (Trading Promotion) 2019 Award by the president of MSS Award by the governor of Jeollabuk-do 2018 Trading Award by MOTIE (Utilization of FTA) Trading Award by MOTIE
        (Trading Promotion) 2017 Award by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs 2016 Award the 10 Million Dollar Export Tower by KITA Award by Minister of Oceans and Fisheries Award by the president of KITA Award by the Minister of MOF


12. Award by National Productivity Award
05. Obtained FSSC 22000 Certification
12. Award by the govenor of Jeollabuk-do
12. Award by the president of MSS
09. Obtained an FTA Certificate of Product-Specific Approved Exporter (EU/ASEAN/VIETNAM)
12. Obtained HACCP, USDA, and HALAL certifications
12. Trading Award by MOTIE (Trade Promotion)
11. Trading Award by MOTIE (Utilization of FTA)
12. Award by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
04. Obtained ISO 22000 certification
12. Award the 10 Million Dollar Export Tower by KITA
03. Established SCDD Co.,Ltd.
Customer Service

Main Products

kokiri seaweed snack
“Put Only One Sheet of Seaweed in Heart” KOKIRI Double Roll Seaweed Snack